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Here at Heeling Souls we specialize in Service Dog Training. We believe in supporting individuals with a variety of disabilities to help them lead a full life. We know first hand how much of a difference a Service Dog can make by providing confidence and independence in a persons life. Heeling Souls provides an affordable option for people to train their dog to meet their individual needs. Let us help you expand your world with the benefits of a Service Dog.

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We offer a four stage service dog training program that's designed to help owners train their dog with the assistance of a professional. Private Training is charged at the hourly rate. We do our private training in all different environments depending what level your dog is at. 

For more information please contact us. We would love to work with you and your dog. 

$40 - Per Lesson (1 hour)



Group Classes are scheduled based on clients needs and availability. We try and have at least one group class running at all times. Group classes are a more affordable option then private classes and a great way to work your dog around other dogs. 

 Contact us to find out what group classes we have running right now.

$20 - Group Training (1 hour)



We will be offering day training to our program dogs. We will take your dog for a few hours up to a full day and work intensely to train tasks, work on PA skills and work on any new behaviour. Day Training makes owner training more accessible to those who might not be able to train the more difficult tasks on there own. 

Prices vary depending on time and training requested. 


Working with Heeling Souls has been a great experience. They are always quick with a solution for all our problems and have really helped strengthen my relationship with my dog. 

Faith & Yuska

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