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  • Do you provide Service Dogs?
    No, we do not provide pre-trained Service Dogs at this time. We can help you train your personal dog to become a Service Dog. Or we can aid in training your current Service Dog. We can also help you find a puppy to train as a Service Dog.
  • Who can own a Service Dog in Ontario?
    Anyone with a legally defined disability can own a Service Dog in Ontario. These can include mobility issues as well as psychiatric and medical disabilities. People must get a doctors note to validate their need for a Service Dog.
  • What tasks can you train?
    We can train a wide range of tasks such as deep pressure therapy, behaviour interruptions, crowd control, assistance with pushing buttons or opening doors, retrievals, medical response and more. We do not train: medical alert, scent detection, and heavy mobility. Contact us for personal inquiries as there are many tasks that can be trained or altered to suit an individuals needs.
  • Are there tasks you do not train?
    Yes, heavy mobility tasks, medical alert tasks and scent detection tasks.
  • What areas do you service?
    We mainly work in the Peterborough area but will take clients from anywhere as long as you can travel to Peterborough for training. At this time we do not travel outside of Peterborough to get to clients.
  • Do you certify Service Dogs?
    No, there is no certification for Service Dogs in Ontario. When you complete our program you do get a certificate of completion.
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