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Group Classes

For dogs 7 -20 weeks old. The main focus of this program is Socialization, while also working on Life Skills, Puppy Problems, and Obedience.

Next Round Starts: March 28th 6pm

Puppy 1


For dogs 5-12 months of age. This program focuses on Obedience and Manners to create a well behaved confident dog. This program will teach loose-leash walking, important commands like "leave it", strengthen your dogs recall and teach the basics for how to train you dog throughout life.

Next Round Starts: March 7th 7pm

Puppy 2

For dogs over 12 months of age. The main focus of this program is to continue teaching obedience, while also maintaining a neutral demeanour when working around other dogs and distractions.

Next Round Starts: March 7th 5pm

Adult Obedience

-Coming Soon-

Canadian Good Neighbour Course

Trick Dog Course

Thearpy Dog Course

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